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A look at what I’m currently 

…reading: Fashion Brands: Branding Style from Armani to Zara by Mark Tungate

…watching: Bill Cunningham New York

…listening: Feel So Close by Calvin Harris

…wearing: Nuckols boots by Jeffrey Campbell


Happy Monday!

This Just In| Coach

Last month, as a birthday/graduation/welcome-to-the-working-world present, my Aunt* bestowed me with this gorgeous Coach bag. I love the classic structure and black leather/gold hardware combination-especially the vintage-looking clasps on the front which really give it a briefcase feel. And although I don’t plan on starting a career in the immediate future (I have some major travelling to do!), I know that when I do I’ll be toting this bag to meetings for years to come.

*Also my Uncle and two wonderful cousins!


Save Breasts, Think Pink

Earlier this summer four of my friends set out to plan a cross Canada roadtrip in order to promote breast cancer awareness and raise enough money to purchase two early diagnosis machines for Victoria hospitals. As Top Guns Charity, the boys have driven all the way from Victoria to Saskatoon, stopping in Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary and Edmonton along the way to throw fundraising events and spread their “Save Breasts, Think Pink” message. The road doesn’t end in Saskatoon- in a few days the boys will pile into their bright pink van and continue across the country, eventually finishing in Halifax near the end of November.

Great guys and an even better cause. I highly recommend that you check out their website and Facebook page– every time someone “likes” them a sponsor will donate $1!

Happy Think Pink Friday everyone!


The time has finally come to replace my 5-year old clunker of a laptop and I couldn’t be more excited. Not only will I finally be able to bring my computer places without it a) giving me back problems and b) needing to be plugged in to operate, I’ll finally be able to buy a cute cover that it will actually fit into! At 16 inches and what feels like 20 pounds on a good day, my current computer is neither portable nor functional. Lately it’s decided to hibernate when it wants, randomly turn back on after I’ve shut it down and freeze every 5 minutes when running any file that is remotely large. Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to getting a new computer.

My only prerequisite? That it fits into this stylish laptop sleeve from Asos


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