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Coconut Scones!

This is it. Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final.

As a Calgarian transplanted in Victoria for school, over the past four years I’ve done my fair share of Canucks beaking (for my parents: that means trash talk). Things are different tonight, and while some of my friends are calling me a bandwagoner, others can’t believe I didn’t start cheering earlier into Vancouver’s play-off run. Say what you will, I’m rooting for the Canucks hard tonight.

It’s about time the Cup came back to Canada, eh?

Granville @ Robson last Friday (I was there!!)

Ps. Say the title over and over and it sounds like Go Canucks Go! (We figured this out at Sasquatch Music Fest when a (completely sober, naturally) gentleman in front of us asked us why everyone was chanting about coconut scones)

Creative Punch

I came across this image on Suzanne Pope’s blog Ad Teachings¬†and couldn’t help but share it. As I’m currently finishing my last semester of entrepreneurship, this list is a great reminder of how to punch up my creativity to come up with the next great venture idea.

Happy Thursday!

(ps- More posts soon, I promise. Right now I have to be a good student and finish my readings for class tomorrow!)

Sas My Squatch

Photo credit to my dear friend Derek Juno

As some of you know, I had the pleasure of attending Saquatch music festival in Washington over the weekend. To say that it was an amazing time would truly be an understatement; it’s been quite some time since I had that much fun with a giant group of friends (there were at least 20 BCommers who went!) In fact, it was so fun that my immune system is pretty much shot and I woke up today with a wonderful head cold.

There will definitely be an upcoming post soon about all the Sasquatch shennanigans and the shows really rocked it this year, but for now I need to rest, nap and do other kind things to my body.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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