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Road Trip

The moment I’ve been waiting for for more than a year had finally arrived: tomorrow morning I’m moving back to Victoria. As excited as I am to head back out to the island, the 11 hour drive and almost 2 hour ferry at the end means it’s going to be a very long day. Also, seeing as once I get there I’ll be unpacking and getting ready for class on Monday, it may be a few days before I get to write anything on here.

With these points in mind, here are a couple of lists to tide you over:

Must-haves for a successful road trip (especially if you have no passengers):

  1. Good music
  2. Lots of water
  3. Sick sunglasses
  4. Proper directions
Must-dos in Victoria:
  1. Drinks on Glo’s patio
  2. Fish and chips from Red Fish Blue Fish in the harbour
  3. Wings, beer and playoffs (NBA and NHL) at Fifth Street Bar and Grill

Crave or Save II

I’ve been lusting for a pair of retro sunglasses for a while and this was only accelerated when I came across this picture back in March. Wanting to convert my desire into ownership I had been eyeing (pun intended!) the Ray-Ban clubmasters, but wasn’t sure about the $145 price tag. You can imagine my utter delight when I came across these beauties at Old Navy yesterday for an amazing $12.50. With my recently acquired Sasquatch Music Festival ticket, I can’t wait to rock these babies all weekend (and summer) long and scope out the music fest fashions!

Growin’ Up

I spent last weekend relaxing with my family out in Radium, BC where we spent the better part of 24 hours consuming amazing food, wine, great stories and celebrating both Easter and my grandparents’ 55th wedding anniversary. I was quickly mesmerized by the family album my mom complied for the occasion; 100 photos filled with memories of our families growing up. The following 2 photos didn’t make the album cut, but they were too hilarious not to share. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as I do!


Though my brother seems unfazed by my pouring water on his head, apparently someone scolded me for doing so and I was definitely not happy about it.


Happy Tuesday everyone!

Current Obsession: Ikat

A vintage piece from Morocco via 5 inch and up

It seems that ikat print is everywhere lately, and it’s no wonder why. Bright colours, bold patterns and an almost carpet-like appearance add up to gorgeous visual interest and a fantastic alternative to the traditional (and often overdone) floral motif for spring. I first took notice of the ikat print when Julian Louie teamed up with Aldo for a capsule collection this spring. Since then I’ve seen the print on Matt&Nat bags, on scarves, shoes and dresses at Urban Outfitters and featured on Sandra Hagelstams blog 5 inch and up.

Saying that I’m dying for a piece is an understatement. I really need to figure out a budget for the upcoming semester, with all the items that have made it onto my must-buy list I’ll be broke before summer solstice!

Matt&Nat Hendrix bag

Matt&Nat Santogold bag

Julian Louie for Aldo

Side note- My dear friend Eden managed to snag a pair of these wedges, and she’s very lucky we don’t have the same size feet because it would be practically impossible for me not to “borrow” them all summer if we did.

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Elle R.

Kristina B.

Ana G.

Three amazing skirts: two pleated, neutral and long, one bright and short. Once again, Lookbook provides some amazing summer outfit inspiration.

Retro Swimwear

Net-a-Porter- Norma Kamali Bathing Suit ($175)

Remember when I was drooling about this swimsuit a while ago? Unsurprisingly, my love for the high-waisted swim suit has grown, not faded since then. I’ve been seeing them everywhere, but as was the same with the original Laura Urbinati bikini ($225), most of my dream suits are far above my summer budget.

Have you seen any similar styles that won’t leave me broke?

Glamour's May 2011 Cover- Nanette Lepore Bathing Suit ($156)

Blue Heaven Boutique Bathing Suit ($230)

There is No Known Cure…

via Kris Atomic

I saw this a few weeks ago and as somewhat of a chronic bitch-face myself, couldn’t resist re-posting it here. Brilliantly drawn by Kristina over at Kris Atomic.

Very Small, Very Cool

Shelby's Incredibly Small/Cool Home

There is an amazing contest going on over at Apartment Therapy that I’m completely obsessed with. It invites readers to send in pictures and layouts of their small/cool spaces which people then vote on. As someone who loves curling up in small corners to read, knit and nest in general, this contest sends my heart all a-flutter. The homes are stylish, organized and all very unique. My personal favourite is Shelby’s Lots of Character, a 375 sqft home in Chicago, Illinois. The loft bed is especially adorable and I’m also loving how much light it gets through of the high ceilings and giant window.

I can definitely see myself living in a humble abode like Shelby’s once I’m done school, but a problem remains… where would I keep my shoes?

Songs on Sunday

One of the benefits of going to bed at 9:30 on a Saturday (don’t hate!) is that I woke up naturally at 8 this morning. I always feel better getting up a little earlier- when I end up sleeping in until noon half my day disappears and along with it goes any productivity. Therefore, early mornings=productive days! The four songs below seem to have the same effect and I’ve had them on repeat the last few weeks non-stop. Give them a listen and I promise you’ll feel better, if not more productive as well.

  1. Someone Like You- Adele
  2. The Cave- Mumford & Sons
  3. No Love (feat. Lil Wayne) – Eminem
  4. Everything You Wanted- Kele
Happy Weekend!

First Pics

I’ve been getting familiar with my new Nikon for the past couple of hours (yay for informational dvds!) and decided it was time to cut my teeth and take some pictures. I obviously still have lots to learn, but I kind of like some of these shots.

I got the delightful floral wallet and necklace from Aldo a couple of weeks ago and thought they’d be perfect for spring. I’m loving the vintage feel of the necklace and it’s the perfect touch of sparkle in an otherwise neutral work outfit. The gorgeous Kate Spade clutch and Michael Kors watch are the result of my mother’s outlet shopping in Las Vegas last weekend (I was assured that they were massively discounted, but am terribly spoiled regardless). Isn’t the leather amazing? I love how the orange strap and purple lining really pop!

What do you think of my first attempt?


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